05 November 2007

The Dark Mod; Fodder for Thief-Fans

As I am somewhat of a sucker for stealth-games, especially the classic Thief-games, which I am playing through for the fourth time these days, I came across a video of a Doom 3-Total Conversion called 'The Dark Mod'.

The mod-team seems to really grasp the spirit of the atmosphere, that made the Thief-series so big. And unlike 'Thief 3' there is also swimable water, the levels seem to be very big without loading screens, and the developers also plan on implementing the popular rope arrow.

Unfortunately the TC won't be out until Winter 2008 (and as far as my experience with really big TCs goes I wouldn't really take any bets on that either), including only the tools for mapmakers to create their own projects. An official campaign will be released some time later.

You can get more information and videos on the official site.


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