26 November 2007

Deus Ex 3 announced!

I should actually be trying to compile a list of everything newsworthy that happened throughout the last two weeks, but why post old stuff, when the new stuff is so amazing? Deus Ex 3 was officially announced a couple of hours ago! Check out the teaser website, including a teaser video, which includes a piece of the DX signature music.

What I think of the announcement: Well, I am not a die hard Deus Ex-fan, but I really loved the approach the first installment took: more freedom in how to approach a mission than in any other action-game, combined with a philosophical plot. The second game seemed to be distracting a bit from this idea, partly due to its console routes, but nontheless a good game, even if not a game-of-the-century-candidate like DX1 was. Deus Ex 3 is definetely a game to put on my To-Watch-list.


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