03 November 2007

Observer found Jim Raynor, and some more

Blizzard has updated their StarCraft II-Website with the Protoss Observer.

You can also see Jim Raynor, without combat armor, standing between a Terran Refinery and some minerals in one of the new screenshots.

Blizzard has also updated their Artwork-gallery, a long with a Marine (Jimmy again?), there are several new pieces that look like parts of armor that Zeratul wore in the Single-Player-Campaign Video.

Forum-Moderators have also answered several questions concerning SC2:

Q1: I think it would be great if blizzard would give a gameplay option to turn the gore completely off...

A: Historically, the amount of 'violence' in StarCraft is dictated by region. For example, Korea may have black blood rather than red, and Germany won't have any blood, but will still show units being blown to pieces. It is still early in the development process, thus I don't think any features have yet to be implemented, but it has been discussed and will continue to be in discussions.

Update: We will have the ability to disable blood/gore in the shipping product. This functionality, however, will require a restart of the program to work properly, which means toggling this option mid-mission or mid-game will not work until the game is shutdown and restarted again later.

Q2: Ive been wondering if there is going to be critical hits and/or misses. Just like in warcraft 3...

A: There are no plans to have critical hits or misses.

Q3: Starcraft had....what? 3? 4?....different mineral 'looks'. The mineral chunks had a particular look when they were at 1500, and changed the way they look a couple of times until they were finished. My question is: Has Blizzard just extended the 3 or 4 to have many different looks for the minerals, or are the minerals 'dynamic' or 'randomly-generating'?

A: Right now we have several distinct states of minerals (like SC1) so you can look at them and have a good idea of the value of a remaining mineral node. I'm not sure that a very dynamic system would be very clear? Maybe when we get some more time its something we could work on. What do you guys think? Dynamic system or have the crystals display in distinct looks like SC1?


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