18 December 2007

And the prize for the ugliest new unit goes to...

the TF-620 Nomad!

Well, I'm no Art Director. Frankly, I suck a lot at drawing stuff. But this model of the Nomad looks a bit too simple and functional to me. The SCV is like that too, but I guess, with units like the Thor or the Battlecruiser, I thought units that were a bit higher in the tech-tree would look a bit sleeker. Now I am in no way suggesting that Blizzard return to the toy-models fans have been angry with since SC2's announcement. And hell, its a lot better than the Soul Hunter. So, I guess I could live with it. I am looking forward to using its skills though. As far as I was told it will have an automatic repair mode next to the mini-turrets we can see on the website.

Anyway, I am quite happy that Blizzard has updated their SC2-Website again. There is also some new concept art for this 'beauty'.


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