07 December 2007

Blizzard: Next-Gen MMO in the works

Blizzard has opened new job positions for an unannounced Next-Generation Massive Multiplayer Online "thing".

A Blizzard Poster has already stated that the new game will not be another Expansion Set for WoW. All the gaming-websites are now spinning their heads of course, because that can only mean one thing, another subscirption-based Online-RPG! Well, not really. My experience has taught me that by Blizzard's books MMO could mean anything (as Blizzard Posters have stated, too bad I can't find a link to confirm), anything that connects a large amount of players over the internet, which includes every Blizzard-game that is supported by Battle.net. Blizzard employees have also said that they have not even started thinking about WoW 2 (here they specifically mentioned a sequel, not a World of Diablo, World of Starcraft or any new IP). My money is on a classic, pure, Diablo-sequel, with fully a functional singleplayer-mode.


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