24 January 2008

Missed News - Blizzard Entertainment

I seem to have missed some interesting news lately (or were just too lazy to update the blog). In order not to overwhelm this site now with theses masses, I'll just link to the news items.

- StarCraft 1 was updated, it can now be run without an inserted CD.

- WarCraft III will also recieve a NO-CD Patch, along with a Balance Patch.

- Check out StarCraft II Q&A Batches #25 and #26.

- The January 2008 Discussion: eSport & SCII.

- Unit update on Starcraft2.com: The Crucio Siege Tank.

- StarCraft II is in Alpha Stage 2, Families & Friends testing will start with Alpha 4/5.

- Blizzard Podcast: Episode 1.

- World of WarCraft reached 10 millions subscribers.


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