24 January 2008

Missed News - Miscellaneous

Other missed news of the last few weeks:

- We can now download and play an alpha demo-mission of The Dark Mod, a Doom 3 modification. Now if I could only get my Doom 3 installation to work...

- The psycho wife of my neighborhood, who killed her husband and flushed his body down the toilet, was found in a psychiatric clinic in Macedonia.

- I finished Hellgate: London with a Guardian. Waaaaay to repetetive. Yeah, the gameplay you think, but this is not the problem as every Action-RPG is like that. Even the Level-Graphics, Monsters and Quests are the same after almost 40 hours of play time. The whole game feels like one giant Act instead of five small ones which it tries to sell. The story is there, I think, just didn't feel like reading at all.

- Pyritie and his team have released a first playable map to their WarCraft III adventure project Pyritie's Adventure.


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