10 January 2008

Woman kills husband, on my street!!!

I found it hard to write up the news myself so I copied it off another website.

A woman in Germany put an end to her troubled marriage by chopping up her husband and flushing parts of him down the toilet, authorities said today.

"'You won't find him, I've flushed him down the toilet', is what she told (her children)," said Andre Hartwich, a spokesman for police in the western city of Duesseldorf.

The children, who reported their father missing before Christmas, told police the marriage was "steeped in hatred" and that the woman had previously attempted to poison her husband.

It was not clear exactly how the man died.

The Macedonian-born wife threw the biggest chunks of her husband into a bin, which was later emptied at an incineration plant, police said.

Investigators have so far only found traces of the 58-year-old taxi driver's blood in the toilet.

The woman, 52, fled to Macedonia after the killing.

German authorities are now attempting to have her extradited.

I had no personal contact with the family, though I might have seen them once in a while while bringing out the trash or so. It's just so unbelievable that something horrible like this can happen so close without noticing. I didn't even know until the police arrived two days ago to question the neighborhood for any suspicious activities of the married couple. The actual murder happened on the night of December the 18th. Neighbors reported that they heard the toilet being flushed unusually often. Nothing more.


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