Blog changes

You might notice a few changes here and there. First of all I had to replace the background and the header. I had had some problems with the host, so I had to delete all my files on their server, but with no backup in sight I had to redo some of my work. While the simple background didn't change all that much, the header was changed almost completetely, now showing my true affection, which is mapping.

Which leads me to the next change: On the right bar you can see a slideshow of screenshots of my newest WC3 campaign, 'The Last Guardian'. You can view more pictures than the slideshow is currently capable of showing if you click on it. I'll reveal more details about 'The Last Guardian' in the coming days (or weeks, depending on my blogging-mood :P).

Oh, and now you can see what the 'XE' in my nickname really stands for.

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