09 August 2008

Healing process

After my return to Germany I spent a week in the hospital. I was operated on, something the doctors in Greece also didn't find worth doing, whereas the german doctors clearly stated that I would have problems with my leg at an older age.

So, the last three weeks I spent mostly at home, playing video games (Penumbra and Sam and Max Season 2, two very good Adventures, also as a little clue-helper for a special project I will announce here soon), and I realized how sad life can just be. People seem to have gotten out of the habit over the past months in being close to me. No visitors, no letters, almost no phone calls... And with my stupid leg I couldn't even get out of the house to change this situation myself. I feel like I'm in limbo, I'm not really here at home, nor in Greece with the army.

At least my health's been improving. Ten days after the operation, where they put screws around my bone, the gypsum was removed. A dqy later I went to the physotherapist to help me with my leg-movement. Today, I started making steps, slowly, without the help of crutches, though the doctor said I should wait a couple more weeks before putting any pressure on my leg. We'll see.

Oh, Monday I'll be visiting a new school, where I'm sure I'll be able to make new contacts and get my need to socialize more out of harm's way.


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