New Screenshots/Example of riddles in TLG

I started getting bored playing WoW so I decided to pay TLG a little more attention. Here's an example of gameplay from my newest map.

(Khadgar and Medivh fly into Stormwind)

(In the book Lothar is already there explaining the situation. In my campaign you have to find him first)

(There is a fight at the bar and you can't get through. Notice the item at the upper part of the screen. A golden tooth that will be useful later)

(Draw the mob's attention away by hitting an innocent child)

(Lothar's in the bar, drunk!)

(The Barkeeper explains that you can sober him up by getting four items as ingredients for a special liquid

(In the garden(not to be seen here) you find the first item. In this well you fill your potion to create the second item)

(A chest you can open with the right left-right combination of your arrow keys. The third item is in there)

(You could have bought the fourth item at this nice lady. Too bad you don't have enough money...

(This gambler plays games where you can win money. Too bad you lose every time...)

(A boring old man tells the story of his sea life, and reveleas that he collects rare items. The golden tooth! You get a lucky coin in return

(You are able to win against the gambler with oyur lucky coin

(You get the ability to create alchemic potions in one of the previous levels. You have to use this ability in very mission to create important potions, but you can also use it for other stuff)

Lothar is finally not drunk anymore, so he can explain the situation to you and get you to the mage chambers)

(To be continued. (Not in this post, in the campaign!))

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