Oh no, the King is coming!

I had just reactivated my account after a half-a-year break, and while I consider myself in no way a WoW-freak (so I'm just passing the time until the next 'real' Blizzard-title is released.), the announcement of the WotLK release date is bad news indeed, as it will eat up my time working on my new WarCraft 3 campaign. So, that will leave me with six weeks of time for my project. If all goes well I'll have Chapters 4, 5, and 6 ready by then. If not I'll still be busy with the current Stormwind-map, which would push a release date far back, probably summer 2009, thus, very close to StarCraft 2.

Oh, it's still not an official announcement, but it's a pretty safe bet in my opinion.

Update: Blizzard confirms. It's official!

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