Got a job!

Some exciting things have been going on in my life lately. When I got well from my leg-injury I started looking for a job, and as every sane people do I started looking for a job that fulfills my personal interests, so I wouldn't end up working for McDonalds straightaway.

By mere accident (pun?), I found out that a famous German video game developer has been looking for a level designer for an internship. I applied a couple of week ago. I got a phone call for the interview that was today, which went pretty well. They told me they would contact me in 1-2 weeks. They'll probably not do it anymore, because they friggin' called me thirty minutes after I had left the building! I can start next monday! I'll get paid for enjoying my hobby! Life is finally getting good!

Anyway, I don't feel safe revealing the name of the company yet. Maybe I never will. I haven't signed a non-disclosure agreement yet, though I'd like to stay faithful to the company nonetheless.

Of course this has a negative point, so I'll probably not be spending a lot of time on The Last Guardian anymore. I just hope I can manage to get it out before StarCraft 2 is released.

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