11 October 2008

StarCraft 2 Trilogy: My beef!

So, Blizzard announced that the Single-Player campaign in StarCraft 2 is going to be so epic that they are going to divide it into three parts, each representing one of the races, and selling them seperately. Before we jump to any conclusions we should consider the following facts:

What we know:
- Each following campaign (in order: Terran, Zerg, Protoss) will be based on the previous, but Blizzard will definetely avoid cliffhangers or simple continuation.
- The Multiplayer-Part will be part of the first campaign.
- Each race will have about 26 to 30 missions, roughly the size of Starcraft, Broodwar or WarCraft 3 (or any other standard RTS).
- The terran campaign will feature a Protoss mini-campaign.
- Protoss are going to have diplomatic options while Zerg will be more aggresive.

What we don't know.

- If the Multiplayer-Part will bve included in the second and third product.
- The cost of each product.
- The time we have to wait for the second and third campaign to be released.

Each campaign will feature:

- A deeply rooted mission-tree.
- Optional character interaction.
- Selectable apporach on missions (sometimes up to six different).
- Secret missions.

Apparently Blizzard decided to select this method because they didn't want to pack everything into fewer missions, thus diminishing the epic feel of their campaign. This way, they are also able to create more terrain, cinematics and extras than in a classic approach.

What I am thinking:
Since we don't know anything about the price or the time we have to wait inbetween campaigns it's hard to tell how bad it is (that it IS bad, I am sure of).
Each product could cost 50€ thus tripling the usual price of a pc game, and it's not like we are getting any new game for our money either: It's still the same engine and units. And it also sucks that we'll probably have to wait very long, it's a Blizzard product after all (note that I'm not really sure anymore if I should call it a game or a product...).
On the other hand, there could be a price offering for owners of one of the products. I guess 50€ + 25€ +25€ is fair.

If Blizzard had just kept their mouths shut, everyone would've been happy with 8 - 10 missions per race. I wonder what all the illegal downloaders are thinking... ("Dude, I'll just buy the first and DL the others, so I can still play online, dude!").

Oh, let's all blame Activision for this!

Don't forget:
Some videos showing ingame multiplayer fights, an ingame cinematic scene and a pre-rendered cinematic video have found their way to the internet.


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