The Last Guardian released

It's been a while but just to have it posted on my blog here as well: Some time ago I finished my third, and probably last Warcraft 3 project: The Last Guardian.

You can download the english version on The Hive.
You can get the german version on

I've also looked into the problem of not being able to open any of my campaigns in the editor and not being able play them to a large extend. I'm not giving my final word here, but it may be possible that along with making them openable/playable again, I may do some additional work on balancing and bugfixing of all three campaigns.


  1. Hey OutsiderXE!
    Thanks for creating The Last Guradian as a campaign, its very cool to play, but I'm stuck in mission 7 at the "Garden quest", in which you have to heal the flowers. can you tell me have this has to be done correctly?
    if you dont wont to answer in public, mail to:
    greetings, axel

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  3. Ich hoffe mal du bist Deutsch, bedauerlicherweise hab ich grad Probleme in Kapitel 1 und finde nirgendwo Hilfe wie ich das Portal aktivieren kann. Der "Tipp" in der Readme war leider überhaupt nicht hilfreich. Hoffe auf Hilfe

  4. Schreib mir dochmal eine E-Mail an outsiderxe at web . de, ich erklär's dir dann über email weil über diese Kommentarfunktion ist etwas schlecht.


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