New layout for UT3 Map

A couple of days ago I took photos of my school because it striked me how its geometry would fit nicely into a UT3 level. It has multiple floors, equal interior and exterior areas and its general design makes for something decent.

I have removed the upper floor, as it would be too much repetition in rooms. I will add some balconies instead for some more outdoor action. I will also add more ways to get around the map. Currently, along with these things, I am adding all sorts of pick-ups (weapons, upgrades, health etc.), AI-pathing and in the near future elevators and jump-pads, to test gameplay. I am also thinking about adding water or hazardous environment, but unfortunately the current layout forbids this.

I still haven't decided which artistic direction I am going to take with this, though but I am pending between a dark city look and a futuristic gothic look.

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