Some changes to the map

The most significant addition is probably that I have added basic gameplay stuff like weapons, upgrades, AI paths and some jump pads. No elevators for the time being.

Today I added a big spire to have an open but difficult-to-reach spot for the Invulnerability upgrade. You can only get to it wit the jump boots beneath the spire. I may add additional ways to reach the top of the spire, or not. I've added a corridor to one of the larger rooms, which is supposed to be a good way to snipe other people through windows. A big problem is the open space in the center of the map. I don't think it's wise to let a player at any given time see really, really far, in too many directions. This was another reason for adding the spire. I've also added a lot of walls here and there. To compensate for the immobility I have changed some of the pathing for the player. I fixed some walkways and doorways to let players reach other places in the map faster.

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