12 February 2010

Day of the Dragon working again

It's taken me some time but over the last couple of weeks I worked hard to make Day of the Dragon playable again. Today I updated the english version on The Hive. I will inform you as soon as other download sites like Fileplanet and inWarcraft.de (for the german version) have been provided with updates as well.

Here is a bugfix-list for the 1.01 update:
Day of the Dragon: Version 1.01: 53 Bugs fixed

Spells and Items – 5
- Replaced Divine Touch with Divine Wrath to ensure 1.24 compatibility. Dive Wrath can now damage enemy units and heal Rhonin when in the target area, where Divine Touch could not. Inscreased cooldown and mana cost.
- Replaced Power Bash with a new Power Bash to ensure 1.24 compatibility. Falstad no longer transforms into a hammer when hurlinh himself to an enemy, but he can damage multiple enemies now.
- Fixed Redemption Aura to ensure 1.24 compatibility.
- Helm of Battlethirst Beserk ability now costs 50 mana.
- Replaced level up effect within Spirit Control with a more subtle effect.

Chapter 1 – 6
- Changed the Optional Quests description word „naughty“ into „evil“.
- Footmen Target Aquisition Rage reduced.
- Replaced a Forest Troll Shadow Priest with a Forest Troll.
- Fire Animation is no longer audible when inactive.
- All Fires will be lit now.
- Fixed a typo in the german version.

Chapter 2 – 8
- Removed one of the starting burrow peons.
- Reduced damage of Ogres and Orc Frigates.
- Added invulnerability to Mortar Team until the trees are passed.
- Reduced damage of Juggernauts.
- Fixed orc blockage at the end of the level.
- Fixed two typos in the english version.
- Reduced range of Orc Frigates to 500.
- Falstad can no longer get above level 5 while reading a book.

Chapter 3 – 3
- Increased Kryll’s hit points and health regeneration.
- Fixed a typo in the german version.
- Increased hit points of Gold Coins and Bundle of Lumber to infinity.

Chapter 4 – 8
- Better hints as to how Rhonin is supposed to escape his prison.
- Removed a tree to see the Green Rune better.
- Aded hint on how to feed the wolves.
- The Missing Troll will be added to the player’s selection after being rescued.
- Added visualizations for the pig, the flowers and the wheat.
- Exclamation mark will no longer return on the Police Station once asked about the Wrench.
- Fixed two typos in the german version.
- Fixed the position of a doodad in the outro cinematic.

Chapter 5 – 7
- Fixed a critical bug that occured since 1.24 that prevented players from returning to Dalaran after visiting one of the sub-maps.
- Screen no longer remains black after escaping the Nozdormu intro cinematic.
- Fixed a typo in the english version.
- Fixed two typos in the german version.
- Disabled Waygate and removed Darkhunters when visiting Malygos.
- Repositioned a few doodads.
- Taretha is now invulnerable.

Chapter 6 – 5
- Added pathing blockers to prevent units from getting to the outro cinematic place.
- Medallion from Outro cinematic should no longer be visible during gameplay.
- A gnoll should no longer remain hostile once its quest is completed.
- Added minipings to the Stones-quests.
- Fixed two typos in the german version.

Chapter 7 – 4
- Increased Fire Golem hit points.
- Collapse event will trigger no matter how the Fire Golem dies.
- Power Bash no longer hurls the Fire Golem or Falstad out of the level.
- Reduced hit points of Power Generators.

Chapter 8 – 8
- Deathwing deals more damage but has less hit points.
- Fixed AI control over Aspects.
- Changed description of Nozdormu’s Steal Item.
- Increased Nozdormu’s hit points and decreased the hit points of all other aspects for Taunt-efficiency.
- Added a destructible doodad in front of Rom’s prison.
- Increased Nozdormu’s chance to steal from 33% to 63%.
- Decreased Deathwing’s healing effects from 300/700 to 200/400.
- Fixed a typo in the german version.

- Epilogues – 1
- Added MortAr- and NFWar in the credits for the Divine Wrath and new Power Bash spells.

In the future I would like to update Lord of the Clans (mainly bugs and difficulty) and The Last Guardian (bugs and mission descriptions) as well.


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