Some interior shots

I've spend the last weeks resizing the UT-map because after some playtesting it felt too big. This happened in numerous steps. First I selected all of the map and resized it to about 80%. I played it again for a while but it still felt too big so I resized it again to about 66% percent, which it is now and feels rather good. Players get around the map quickly enough without feeling boxed in. But because of the resizing I had two major problems occur. One is that the brushes don't snap to the grid when you resize more than one, and because unsnapped BSP is hell to work with I went through the process of resnapping every single vertex there was on the map. Problem number two is that the vertices seemed to show some strange cross-over, overlapping patterns (hard to explain but the error message was "Brush has non-coplanar polygons"), or invisible walls. I didn't fix all of them, only the invisible walls and the ones that showed the error-message, but I'll probably get round to it once I start working more with meshes.

Now while the whole map got smaller I still felt like some of the rooms were redundant. One of the visual ideas was to have prison cells but nevermind the visual ideas, when playing the map, these rooms didn't feel right. So I looked at what ideas those rooms were supposed to have, so could combine those ideas, cropping usually the room towards the outside of the map.

I wanted to show you a few of those rooms. Left shows the old version, right is the current one.

This is the school's main entrance (keep in mind that the school was just a helper for a basic layout, the final graphic layout will not be a school). I pushed the walls inward, and to the upper left there is a hole which used to go to a two-room floor. It now is only one room.

This picute shows the two entrances to the room I just mentioned. Again I pushed the walls inward to have a smaller courtyard. The stairs to the left go around the building now instead of off to another side.

If you go up the stairs you will see this room. To the far left there were additional rooms which I removed. I also cropped some of the holes in the floor because the corridor would have been too narrow otherwise.

I am still not done with the process of identifying rooms and resizing or cropping them, and I definitely can't say when I will finally move on to the graphics. But what I can say is that with each of these changes the map feels and plays better, which is very important to me. I will not stop tweaking the gameplay-part of the map until I am fully satisfied.

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