29 June 2010

Selling Anno 1404 + Anno 1404 Venedig

If there's one sort of games I don't like then it is the long type. Anno 1404 and its Add-on provide hundreds, if not thousands of hours of enjoyable build-up strategy gameplay!

Thus I am selling the copies of these games that I recently aquired. Both of them are in unopened original boxes.

- Link to the auction of Anno 1404 (German Version) (Buyout at 30 Euros!)
- Link to the auction of Anno 1404 Venedig (German Version) (Buyout at 25 Euros!)

06 June 2010

Other games while waiting for StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 nears. But what other computer games are interesting?

Since it's announcement in 2007 I've been seeing StarCraft 2 as sort of an endgame (pun, anyone?), although the truth is, I've never been one to stick just a single game, even not in my mid-twenties. I'm not playing a lot of SC2 Beta right now, neither is its editor getting a lot of attention of mine.

In terms of development I'm currently introducing myself to the programming language Java with this book. I'm also itching to give my Unreal Tournament 3 level its long overdue beauty parse, but I never seem to think about it when the time would be right. The problem might be that the game itself has become uninteresting, but I will finish it one day. The question is when.

In terms of games I've recently finished Dragon Age: Origins, which took me over five months to complete, with a playtime of roughly 55 hours. It was a great, epic experience. Though it could match the likes of Oblivion.

I've also fnished Splinter Cell Conviction (made by my ex-employer Ubisoft) within two days, with a playtime of six hours. I've yet to find a suitable partner to test the co-op features of this game. I've had mixed feeling about Conviction while playing it. It starts very promising with a very cinematic gameplay but gets annoyin and frustrating because the game felt like trial and error when handling enemies. Sam Fisher moves awkwardly fast and his abilities concentrate more on his gadgets than his body, like in previous installments. Problem is, he doesn't have many in the beginning. So, the game improves the longer you play. Fisher gets more toys, level design always feels fresh and varied, but on the down-side I felt less and less involved within the storyline. It's much better than previous SCs but it could have been so much better. It's over much too soon.

The best game I've finished lately was definitely Assassin's Creed 2. Varied missions like in the old GTA games (not the repetitive GTA 4), with much improved graphics and a nice (but also confusing) plot.

I'm currently busy with Tales of Monkey Island and Black Sails, and I might write about them as soon as finish them.

01 June 2010

Battle.net 2.0 - Where's the community?

Kittens and an honest opinion on the state of the new Battle.net.