23 August 2010

Gamescom - Day 4

The Sunday being the shortest day at Gamescom we decided to get there as early as possible, so I guess we went inside half an hour after it's opening at around 9:30 A.M.. We were already a little tired because of the previous days but were really looking forward to our last day.

After this lame introduction I just gave you, I'll tell you that we decided to split. My friend wanted to get into the Starcraft 2 Challenge contest as early as possible, but I later heard that he was stunned as all spots, even the runner ups, had already been given away. In the meantime I looked around to see how long I would wait for the big shooters like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and so on.

I finally played some good 10 minutes of ArcaniA: Gothic 4. I started out as an Emo telling his girlfriend that he wants to marry her. She tells you that they'd have to get approve from her father, so you go to him. He gives you your first quest. Go to the mountains, beat the crap out of an old douche (a familiar face actually) and get his weapon. This old douche on the other hand, because he seems to be so strong and unbeatable, tells you to do him the favor of slaying two goblins who are looting his boat every now and then. You do the deed, get the weapon, and bring it to your girlfriend's father.

I stopped playing right here. I notcied from watching the other players that the demo would have run a lot longer but I wanted to spend some time on other stuff too. Arcania looks pretty nice. Like Oblivion with a bit better texturing. The animations were OK. There is a big open world. I did find some minor bugs, but nothing bigger than clipping mistakes and immortal people (I did try to kill the old douche :P). The most important thing was the atmosphere. Despite the lack of any sound (Gamescom too loud) I did feel soaked in. The graphics look nice and believable without copying too much of any other style. They were actually like the graphics of Risen, only bigger and better. The quests seemed to be small and interchained and you didn't have to walk too far. As a stupid WoW nerd I was missing a quest helper on the minimap at the beginning, but then I started reading the quest texts more carefully and got all the information I needed from there. So for the ten minutes it felt good. I'm looking forward to the first reviews. Hopefully we'll have two good 'Gothic'-series in the future.

After that I returned to my buddy who was at the Blizzard stage. No! he was ON the Blizzard stage! Being too far from him to tell me, I could only wait for the moderator to explain what was going on. He was invited to the Blizzard quiz. His competitor and him were asked a series of questions, and the first to get three questions right would be the winner. Whenever they couldn't answer a question the public would be asked. I actually got the chance to answer but, oh boy, did I fail. The question was (translated from german) 'In Diablo 1, which chaplain led an army into the Cathedral?'. I answered Griswold, forgetting about the chaplain part, but the correct answer was Lazarus of course. The winner got a diablo book from 'The Sin War'.

Other questions I remember that were asked:
- What's the the name of the weapon you definitely need when facing Nefarian? Don't have a clue and don't remember the answer.
- Who is Onyxia's father? My friend got nervous and answered Nefarian instead of Deathwing.
- Who opened the Dark Portal? Medivh. Easy point for his competitor.
- What's the name of the weapon from the Corsair in StarCraft 1? Here they got to choose one of three answers. The competitor had the right one.
- What's the name of the Diablo-world? The public answered Sanctuary.

My friend lost 2:3, but he can't say that he feels like a loser. He got A T-shirt, a mousepad he gave me (thank you!!), some books and the Wrath of the Lich King Collector's Edition!! WoW! He also got a WoW TCG card which is supposed to be worth some money. The other guy got exactly the same stuff, except for the WoW card, which was different and according to my friend his competitor's card is worth in the thounsands of Euros.

After that it was time for a break and some celebration. We got some german sausages with some mustard and bread rolls ;) Then it was already time for the final StarCraft 2 matches. We got some of the best seats (front row, sitting, in the middle) and watched Dimaga beat Tarson for the 3rd place, and MorroW surprising the audience by beating IdrA in the final round.

The Gamescom as a whole was really fun and we were sad that we couldn't be there for a couple more days. We didn't see a lot of different games because we spent more than half the time watching StarCraft 2 matches, but we definitely think that it was worth it. Especially since both of us won prizes :P I don't know about Gamescom 2011 yet. Maybe we'll go only one day, maybe all four again. Time will tell.


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