03 September 2010

Custom Map Upload Limits Increased

As part of our ongoing efforts to foster a productive and happy StarCraft II mapmaking community, we recently asked players to share their thoughts and ideas on how the custom map system might be improved. Some mapmakers noted that the current limits placed on custom map publishing felt too restrictive and, as a result, made their mapmaking experience less enjoyable.

We've taken this feedback to heart and increased custom map upload limits in two ways. Players are now provided with a total of 10 custom map slots and up to 50 MB of total map storage space. Ultimately, we want players to be able to share more maps with the community, and we feel these changes will supply mapmakers the additional freedom they need to better flex their creative muscles.

We'll be carefully monitoring how this additional storage is used by players and, as always, will continue to seek your feedback for how we may further improve the Battle.net mapmaking and publishing experience.

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This is great thing for different reasons as you can imagine. I like that you can publish up to ten maps now because that makes work on campaigns much more enjoyable. You don't have to squeeze into single maps as much anymore. It's also nice to see that they increased the overall map size capacity to 50MB. But I still think they increase it even further. If you take a look at my old campaigns then their campaign sizes reached from 30MB to 80MB and the number of maps from 10 to 15. And those were for Warcraft 3, a game which is significantly older and shouldn't require as much space as an equally stuffed (sounds, models, icons, etc.) project.

But what I would really like to see is for a way to connect all maps in a campaign. Currently I don't know which folders campaign maps have to go in to make a triggered transition from one map to another work. The .w3n-packaging-system of Frozen Throne was excellent in this regard. It would also be cool if Blizzard allowed to properly play maps that were obtained via other means than the Battle.net service. Currently the only way to do so is to start these maps from the map editor. So only unprotected singleplayer maps can be played this way. The workaround for this is to publish these maps yourself, but that would be stealing.

Blizzard, please work on Battle.net. The stuff that you added is good but WarCraft 3 had core elements that made custom modding and map play so much more enjoyable.


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