01 October 2010

Blizzard bans over 5000 StarCraft 2 users

It is yet unclear whether those people got banned all of their Battle.net games. I would hope so but for logical reasons I think it's doubtful. I also think that these people didn't get blacklisted in any way and could simply buy a new version of StarCraft 2 and attach it to their Battle.net account.

We recently took action, including suspensions and bans, on over 5,000 StarCraft II players who were in violation of the Battle.net Terms of Use for cheating and/or using hack programs while playing. In addition to undermining the spirit of fair competition that’s essential to play on Battle.net, cheating and hacking can lead to stability and performance issues with the service. Maintaining a stable, safe, and secure online-gaming experience for legitimate players is a top priority for us, and we'll be continuing to keep watch on Battle.net and take action as needed.

- Link to the news

Apparently they also caught the guy I reported only a couple of days ago. I can't add him as a friend through the Match History anymore, in contrast to everyone else I've played against. It was a 1on1 on Metalopolis and he attacked me with reapers without scouting my position. He continued attacks on my open fronts without scouting and when I massed to attack he dismissed his planned drop and retreated to his base until I was there. In the replay you can also see him move his camera to my base several times when there is still Fog of War on from his perspective. I still won the game. He massed marauders, didn't tech Stim and didn't expand. I expanded early and had a large force of Protoss ground units.

This was the only time I realized someone cheated while playing against me. Other than that playing SC2 on Battle.net has been a clean and fun experience.


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