PC Games to look forward to?

After reading some reviews for Gothic 4 and Medal of Honor I feel restrained from buying those.

Critics reviews for Gothic 4 range from 40% to 80%, with most of them around 70-75%. It seems that this time the (new) developers managed to polish their product quite enough (Gothic 3 was one of the bugiest games ever, or so I've heard) but they failed to create an interesting storyline and quests. Seems like the whole storyline is as boring as it was in the demo.

Medal of Honor on the other hand seems to be an okayisch game, ranging around 70-80%. But I think I will rather wait for the more promising Call of Duty: Black Ops. MoH seems like the typical EA-attempt to copy a succesful brand.

So, yesterday I finished the indie-game Amnesia (awesome!) and today I was wondering what else there is to play before 2010 ends? Can't be mapping for StarCraft 2 forever, can I?

I snooped around a little and found some promising candites:
Fallout 3: New Vegas. Epic RPG with tons of items, quests and a cool setting.
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. The controls for SWTFU sucked, but if they fix they we'll have a very cool Star Wars Hack'n'Slash game.
Call of Duty: Black Ops. Not the 'real' Call of Duty but hopefully as good as World at War.
WoW: Cataclysm: One game to end all games(?)

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