SC1 Melee Map Contest - My Diary - Day 01

- Introduction -

I thought it would be neat if I wrote about my Work-In-Progress through the days of the contest. I might not be able to update it everyday but it will motivate me nontheless knowing that there are eyes on me.

Day 01
First thing I did after reading about the contest was going through the SC1 maps of By looking at the screenshots I decided that I wanted to remake (4)Crescent Moon.

Original Crescent Moon Screenshot
Luckily the screenshots are big enough so I don't have to reinstall the SC1-Editor.

Figuring out positional imbalances
First thing I noticed was the imbalance of the map. It's a four player map but only the cross positions are equal to one another. In my first attempts I tried to think of ways to balance the map for all players equally, but the looks of the map would have been altered way too much. I gave up on symmetrical rebalance and thought that it wouldn't matter much anyway. If you go to the Player (Alliance/Enemy) Properties you can set the map so that, whether it's 2 or 4 players playing the game, you can adjust the team position properly. So this map can be played in 1on1 or 2on2. 3 or 4 player FFA is not recommended.

SC1 balance NOT EQUAL to SC2 balance
Next thing I tried to figure out was whether some of the new cliff-walking units in SC2 (Stalker, Reaper, Collosus etc.) would change the dynamic of the map too much. The 9 and 3 o'clock starting positions are surrounded by cliffs. No player would feel comfortable with that, and I doubt that it was fun in SC1 (thinking of Siege Tanks here) either. My remake will have a gap between the cliff and the player base, but I will also add a lot of doodads to prevent heavy abuse of that cliff. It will still be possble to launch attacks from up there, but only closer to the Natural, instead of the Main.

Second thing. For balancing reasons most proper SC1 and SC2 maps have narrow entrances to player bases. I did the same to this map. Naturals will still have wider entrances but will have ramps.

Crescent Moon XE

Changing the gameplay to my own taste + adding SC2 flavour
I thought that this map had a few too many islands so I created entrances which I blocked with destructible rocks. I placed the only Rich Minerals on the plateau on the central of the map to make this position much more interesting. Players can access it via destructible rocks. This way you could attack that plateau easier but you could also just send some troops on it for visual advantage. The Watch Towers I added wil inform players of others getting to the half-islands and attacking through the side ways. I'm not happy yet with the narrow space that's up there. Larger armies will have problems. I also added the typical LOS Blockers to that position but I am also not happy.

The first gameplay iteration is ready and I've started working on some of the visuals. I've only placed some basic colors to guide me through the map. The next days will have me have a good look at Blizzard's SC2 Shakuras maps to get a good feeling for their color and texture work. I plan on doing everything by hand. No texture shall be copied,-rotated-and-pasted.

Do you think I changed too much? Too little? Do you want more or less information? Your opinion is appreciated.

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