SC1 Melee Map Contest - My Diary - Day 02

I hate Mapster a little bit now for not letting us create our own melee maps. It may be my own fault for picking a flawed melee map but then again probably every interesting SC1 map has its flaws.

Well, at least I get to cover gameplay flaws with improved terrain. Yesterday I spent time with Starting Position 3 and its Third to its right.

Starting Position 004 - 10'oclock

Third Expansion - 12 o'clock

1 comment:

  1. cool map but i think you used too many doodads it's distracts me from the gameplay
    I'm Gionigt from sc2mapster, just was intrigued what kind of maps people do
    I'm just kidding :) anyway good map but I'd add some more dodads :) Cheers.


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