14 October 2010

SC1 Melee Map Contest - My Diary - Day 03

Day 3

Now, my intention was never to immitate the looks of the original Crescent Moon but to make it visually as pleasing as possible Take the game Unreal Tournament for example where they recreated the map Deck(16) for any new version of UT. This map never gives you the idea that it's out of place, out of line with the other new maps. It fits perfectly.

1 o'clock Island Expansion

Gameplay-wise it's the same but then again UT never changed much in Deathmatch-mode, whether it was the original Unreal or UT3. This is where SC2 is so different. Mainly action on the cliffs.

Natural Player 004 - Upper Left

Which is why I added or removed a lot of the original cliffs.

Road to 12 o'clock Expansion which used to be an island

Rocks block way to the Road

Player 003 Start. 9 o'clock.

Around 40% of the map is done so far.

Now that I have done a couple of sectors I must say that of all the Tilesets I've tried out so far (Mar Sara, Bel'Shir and Shakuras so far. D'oh!) Shakuras seems to be the easiest to do, despite the chaotic/alien looks of it. But it is exactly this chaotic look that makes it so easy to work with. With the other tilets I had to carefully measure out how of each texture to use at a place. And I could never mix more than 2 or 3 of them at once. With Shakuras I can throw in a basic texture, combine 2-3 different textures fo the cliffs and add a couple of color variations to the main texture. It also doesn't hurt much to mix many rocks with all sorts of vegetaion. It looks fine, at least to my eyes.


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