SC1 Melee Map Contest - My Diary - Day 04

Around 3/4 of the terrain is done so far. I'm always trying to evaluate gameplay as I go, changing placement of destructible rocks, watch towers, space or LOS Blockers.

Starting Position Player 002 - 3 o'clock
I tried to have green cliffs reaching in to the main base. The main path and theme of the map will remain in blue.

Natural 8 o'clock
I tried to make one sector as cold as possible, not using anythingelse than the white/blue normal texture and the rocky texture.

Island 7 o'clock
With this island I tried to mix manmade textures with natural textures. I also placed one of these circle doodads in hope that it won't distract too much from the actual gameplay.

The fog that you see on the ground appeared exactly like that in the last Protoss mission. I added a couple of effects and tried something new with doodads though (Archways working as Support Beams).

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