Shadow of the Xel'Naga - Chapter 1 [Beta] announced!

- Based on the correspondent StarCraft novel. Set between StarCraft 1 and Brood War.
- Blizzard-like scenario map with classic objectives, cinematics, transmissions etc.
- Playable in Singleplayer or Two-Player Co-Operative gameplay.
- 3 Primary Objectives. 5 Secondary Objectives. Up to 45 minutes of gameplay.
- Diverse gameplay, like escort cows, use vehicles to thresh units, control turrets, defend from waves.
- 4 difficulty levels. UI and ingame help.
- Fully implemented terrain art, weather and sound effects.

 Welcome To Bhekar Ro - Scene 1

Attention testers!

The map is in very late beta stages but it NEEDS YOUR HELP to be completed. All I need is 40-50 minutes of your time to let me have a look as to how you play the map and gather any kind of feedback you can give me while playing and afterwards.

If you are interested in becoming a tester and having your name appear on the credits feel free to respond to this thread with your ID or add me directly (OutsiderXE.147). For EU players only.

Are you hungry for more videos? Respond to this thread.

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