Games I Played 2010 - Unranked Games

There are some games I played 2010 thatI feel unable to rank in an honest fashion. I either didn't play them enough or I feel like I'm to close to them. Let me explain in detail:

- Settlers 7 - I was a Level Designer for 13 months on that game, my first AAA game ever. I'm very proud of my work and the overall work the team put into it, but since I'll never be able to abandon that inside view and play the game as a normal gamer would I just can't rate it. Suffice it to say that it's definitely worth a look for everyone who is into Build-Up-Strategy but also Board-games as it combines both of these game types magnificently.

- Worms Reloaded - I just played a couple of quick matches against the AI but never against a human player. I'm a fan of the old Worms games but only with buddies playing at the same PC. That just never happened, at least not in 2010.

- StarCraft 2 - Pretty dissapointed by the storyline but impressed by the gameplay mechanics in Singleplayer. Multiplayer can be frustrating when losing to often. It's not perfect but I know this game will stick with me for many thanks to the editor and future expansions. It's not just a game.

- Call of Duty: Black Ops - Finished the first mission two times now but never really got around to playing the whole damn thing. Thank you StarCraft II :D

- World of WarCraft: Cataclysm - Suffered the same fate as Black Ops. Thanks to SC2 I didn't have enough time to fully experience this game. But from what I've seen while leveling a Goblin Mage from 1 to 15 it's a very memorable ride.

Ranks 8 - 1 will follow in the near future.

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