Game Design Document

At the moment I'm spending more time transferring my ideas to a proper game/map design document for SotX Chapter 2 instead of working on the actual map. It's pretty funny because I used to have only 5-10 pages of Word documents for a map. Now I'm going all out detailing every tiny feature Chapter 2 is going to have on a PowerPoint presentation. I'm listing things like map flow, enemy unit types, usable item types, combination of riddles and more and giving each a clear role in the map. I'm using PowerPoint because it helps SO MUCH visualizing the specifics of a map.

Here you can see the flow chart of items that have to be combined in order to complete a sub-quest. Approximate play time for this part alone should be around 10-15 minutes.

In WarCraft 3 I improvized most of this stuff. This time I want to get it done right before I put hands on the editor. It will increase the effort and amoutn of time required to complete it, but hopefully this will reflect on the quality of the map. The first version of the map document is about 20% finished.

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