Changes to blog - Episode II

I've dropped the StarCraft II look for the previously announced friendly white look. it was due to some technical difficulties, but I also believe that this white look will promote a lot more content that isn't entirely game-based. As of now I've no clue what that is going to be but I'll think of something, trust me!

But this white look isn't just the second choice. It is supposed to represent a clean, polished and professional feel. This is why, amongst many other features I will now be linking this site to my other blog, which is my level design portfolio, although future plans are to merge the content of the portfolio blog into this one.

Some other changes/new features:

  • Video Bar - From time to time I'll be updating my YouTube-account with videos of my current projects. The Video Bar also has the ability to search for videos uploaded by other YouTube-users whose videos are somehow affiliated with me.
  • Top Part Link List - Direct links to the Main Page, my Portfolio and ways to get in contact with me.
  • News Archive - Now on top of the blog to save some space.
  • Slideshow - Will be updated more often in future, hopefully :)
  • Poll - Any interesting questions I might have for you.
  • Removed - Bitch of the Week, Quote of the Week, Hero of the Week. Might get a comeback in the future.
  • Total Pageviews - Total pageviews that are NOT MINE!

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