Games I Played 2010 - Ranks 8 - 1

First of all you shoul be aware that I've updated Ranks 17 - 9 (now 18 - 9). I had forgotten to include The Tales of Monkey Island.

8. Dragon Age: Awakening - The Add-on to the first Dragon Age game started out slow and, for me, inconsistently. In my version of Origins I chose to dismiss Alistair and now in Awakening he suddenly appears in front of me as king. I wish there had been more consistency between the games even if you don't choose to continue with your old character. Aside from that, the story started slow and then became more and more complex into an amazing finale. I won't spoil too much. The gameplay was Dragon Age-like very good. - 83%

7. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - I'm a huge fan of the Sands of Time trilogy and I was afraid they would mess up its storyline with a forced PoP set between PoP1 and PoP2. They didn't mess it up because storywise TFS has nothing to do with the series. Yes, you have the protagonists and its set timeweise between PoP1 and PoP2 but other than that you never quite get into the usual PoP atmosphere. - 84%

6. BioShock 2 - It started out slow. Really slow. The beginning was lacking the monumental feeling of 'Where-there-heck-am-I-and-what-the-bleep-is-going-on?' of BioShock 1, but as the game progressed I got to value the smoother gameplay mechanics and the more involving storyline. It was really cute beign a big daddy looking for your little sister... I mean daughter. In the end I liked it even more than the first Bioshock. - 84%

5. Dragon Age: Origins - Yes, you've heard me on and on that I don't like long games because they often seem to drag the experience towards repetetive situations. DAO breaks that pattern because it throws at you an uncountable amount of skills and abilities, you get to switch the heroes in your group pretty often and the and it changes the setting every 5-10 hours. But heck, I still needed almost 6 months (around 60 hours of gameplay) to complete the game. The variety wasn't really what got me: It were the rich storyline, the immersive atmosphere and the likeable characters with their lengthy, but very interesting dialogues. It was really a dark version of Lord of the Rings, and yes, I liked those movies despite their length. - 85%

4. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition - What can I say? It's just like the classic MI2 but with updated sound, graphics and control. Everything you loved about Guybrush and his company is there. You could argue about the visuals, or just switch to classic mode and enjoy the good old 320x240 MI2 without sound and clumsy controls. - 86%

3. Sam and Max: Season 3 - The Devil's Playzone - I played the original Sam'n'Max game many years after its release. It was one of those old iconic  must-have-played games and for that it was fun. I also played casually through Season 1 and Season 2 and I thought Telltale did an excellent job with the episodic system *cough* unlike Valve *cough*. But Season 3, wow, was that a ride! Each episode has a unique style, setting and gameplay mechanics. Zombies, Indiana Jones, Godzilla and more, it's all in there. Telltale also gave the players the opportunity to control Max's new psyvhic powers which were also really fun. But the main reason why Season 3 is on rank 3 of this list is its story. Towards the end players will have witnessed a marvelous story with numerous shocking twists and turns. I almost shed a tear. Knowledge of previous seasons required. - 86%

2. Mass Effect 2
I prefer Sci-Fi over Fantasy. Fantasy often seems to rehash black and white good vs evil concepts in a very distant world. Sci-Fi on the other hand usually has its roots in an earth-based society dealing with daily problems (food, energy etc.) or the occasional alien invasion. ME1 had excellent storytelling, combining the best of universes like Stargate, Star Wars and the likes. It was like the old Knights of the old Republic, featuring extremely rich atmosphere, detailed characters and some of the best dialogues in any computer game. ME2 is basically more of the same, although it's focus is more on your teammates story than the global threat to mankind. Gameplay-wise it's also focused much more on Gears-of-War-like cover-system instead of the abilities of your team. It's something one might have to get used to but it certainly doesn't make the game any worse. It's still one of the best of 2010. - 89%

1. Assassin's Creed II - The first Assassin's Creed was an excellently stylish game. Visuals, audio, storytelling and characters led to one of the most immersive experiences I have ever played. Unfortunately it's mission design got repetetive. ACII enhances the cinematic aspect of ACI, givse it anothr chool main character in another fresh setting and blows my fucking brains out when it comes to mission design. The missions are never repetetive (except for some DLC stuff in the later stages of the game) and stay as fresh as virtually possible. ACII is basically a new GTA set in the era of the italian rennaisance with a deep and clever storyline and excellent graphics. It is the best game I played in 2010. - 90%

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