Zero Punctuation reviews Brink

I got Brink a week ago and according to Steam I've only played 7 hours, which is correct of course. It is probably the worst game I've played this year. I'm lucky to have only paid 15€ for it. I got it at MediaMarkt at a 3 games for 49€. A colleague of mine bought the two other games for himself.

I played some Coutner-Strike in a clan in it's prime, some Battlefield 1942 and some more Unreal Tournamet team modes but that aside I'm not much of a team-shooter person. I like dominating quick Deathmatch games. I got the game because some colleagues (huge Bad Company 2 fans) thought it might cut a down the wait for Battlefield 3 a little and I thought it would be a nice idea to play along.

Of course they were more dissapointed than I was. For a change, I'll let someone else inform you about the pros and cons of this game. Zero Punctuation, a very funny weekly game review site.

Attention! A lot of sarcasm in this video!

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