The state of SotX: Chapter 2

Last weeked I revamped the dialogue system. NPC now don't just blabber away but the player can actually choose from a set of topics. I'm thinking about doing an all-out mutliple-choice dialogue system but for the moment I am sticking to this one.

As you (probably don't) know Chapter 2 is divided into three parts, each divided by cutscenes and with the following parts having slightly more abilities and content than the previous parts. Extensive testing with external players has helped me shape the quality of the map. I spent the last week reworking the map design document for the second part. I've designed all the little puzzles and gameplay routines needed for a working game experience for the second part. Now the only thing left to do is build these things in the editor. I've been sick for th past two days but I'm positive that a good amount of work can be done over the following weekend.

The overall progress of the map is currently at around 30%. All the important systems are set up. 80% gamplay content and graphics are missing.

It is the first time I'm working this extensively with PowerPoint for a private project. I'm thinking about publishing the map design document for Chapter 2 once it is finished, for other mappers and possible employers to browse through.

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