24 September 2011

SotX Chapter 2 Design Document page

Here's a small glimpse of the work that goes into designing SotX Chapter 2 prior to touching the editor. In the middle you can see he linear gameplay experience for the players. On the right side the overall abilities and items available to the players.
I try to find a balance where each player has an equal amount of tasks, without stepping too much on each other's toes. I also try to limit repetition. I'm currently focusing on reducing the overall amount of tasks while still giving each ability a purpose. Yep, it's too much and the map is already very big at this point. No need to let player do the same stuff over and over.

18 September 2011

Shadow of the Xel'Naga I Demo enters Nibbits-Contest

I've submitted a demo version of my map "Shadow of the Xel'Naga: Chapter 1 - Welcome to Bhekar Ro" to a contest over at sc2.nibbits.com. You can read all about the contest here: http://sc2.nibbits.com/contests/6/. First prize is Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Steam. I want that!

Entering the contest also means you can now freely download the demo version of my map.
Do so here: http://sc2.nibbits.com/maps/project/77242/shadow-of-the-xelnaga-i

Full version has more areas, objectives, cutscenes and abilities. It features around 50% more content than the demo.

04 September 2011

SotX Chapter 2 Status Update

Over the last six weeks I've been busy play-testing and tweaking the second gameplay part of Chapter 2. This weekend I also managed to do 95% of all visuals in this part. Here are a couple of teasers featuring the revamped a cinematic, the Multiple-Choice-Dialogue-System and the ability Salvage.

The colonists of Free Haven discuss the alien wreckage.

Ghandi Ryan has lost his adoptive son.

The Robo-Harvester is about to use its Salvage ability.

The Robo-Harvester has salvaged some items from this wreckage.
The second of three parts for this map is now almost complete. I'll try and make a video from this part so I can get a couple of testers to help me playtest this part of the map.

After testing, I could just wrap the rest of it up in a cinematic and move on to the next map, but I've created additional content for this map that I wasn't able to include into the first and second part. I'll continue working on this map for a while, but the third part will probably not be as big as the previous.