SotX Chapter 2 Status Update

Over the last six weeks I've been busy play-testing and tweaking the second gameplay part of Chapter 2. This weekend I also managed to do 95% of all visuals in this part. Here are a couple of teasers featuring the revamped a cinematic, the Multiple-Choice-Dialogue-System and the ability Salvage.

The colonists of Free Haven discuss the alien wreckage.

Ghandi Ryan has lost his adoptive son.

The Robo-Harvester is about to use its Salvage ability.

The Robo-Harvester has salvaged some items from this wreckage.
The second of three parts for this map is now almost complete. I'll try and make a video from this part so I can get a couple of testers to help me playtest this part of the map.

After testing, I could just wrap the rest of it up in a cinematic and move on to the next map, but I've created additional content for this map that I wasn't able to include into the first and second part. I'll continue working on this map for a while, but the third part will probably not be as big as the previous.

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