21 October 2011

PayPal Donations now accepted

To help me make the best possible WarCraft 3 and StarCraft 2 projects you can now donate any amount of money by using the "Donate"-button on the right upper corner of this blog. Please leave a comment if you do so. Thank you.

16 October 2011

SotX Chapter 2 finished

The second chapter of my book-based campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga was finished a couple of minutes ago. Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta-test!

I had already started with some early design concepts for Chapter 3 some weeks ago, but now I will take a long break from mapping in order to clear my head, concentrate on my studies and come back with renewed energy for Chapter 3!

06 October 2011

SotX: Chapter 2 ready for public testing!

After many months of hard work Chapter 2 is now ready for public testing. It now has eight times the amount of content than the demo had. It takes me 40 minutes of ingame-time to complete it, and I know the ins and out. My guess is that any other person would need 60-120 minutes.

Added tons of content, new abilities, many things to improve gameplay-fluency. If you are in any way interested in playing a Point & Click adventure within the SC2-universe, THIS is your chance!

I need testers to test:
- everything (fun, riddles, controls, bugs, appeal)

[b]EU-testers required[/b]. Add me on Bnet (OutsiderXE.147) or post your ID here. You can also find me on ICQ at 294455875.