Status of SotX and me

As of October 2011 I've started studying media informatics and have been unable to continue any work on my StarCraft 2 campaign.The project is not officially cancelled but I don't see myself continue working on it until at least June 2012. I'm focusing my strength on my studies as I get to learn all the cool stuff I've wanted to (Java, SQL, Web-Programming languages and more).

Making maps for Blizzard RTS games has always been very fun, but also a very time consuming process. My earliest success was Lord of the Clans for WarCraft 3 which took me about 2,5 years to complete. Following projects took around 1,5 years when I had A LOT of spare time.

After two failed applications for a job as a level designer within Blizzard, I think it's best to take a step away from mapping. Instead I want to develop new skills, still very close to the game/media industry but on  grander scale.

I believe SotX has a lot of potential of becoming a great and unique campaign. I wish to return to StarCraft II mapping some time in the future.


  1. No...

    Please, don't do this! :[
    I am looking forward eagerly for SotX. Although it's understandable, it's sad to hear that real life put a cool project on hold once again.

    Good luck with your study!
    - Eredalis

  2. Yeah, I feel like one those people who planned too big and then failed to bring it to an end ... but still, the difference is that I won't start a new project only because the old one bored me. SotX will be my mapping priority as long as I make maps. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to free up one day per week after the first semester is over.


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