21 February 2012

Games I Played 2011

Another year has passed, so another batch of games I've played. 21 to be exact.+
Attention: The %-ratings I've written are nothing more than a method of comparision to see how far games are apart in terms of fun to me. Please don't post here telling me to go to hell because game XY deserve a 95% or a 50%. It's all just to get your attention :P

Unranked - The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
I started it in June and now it's February 2012 and I still haven't finished it (but I'm in the epilogue though). It doesn't mean it's a bad game, it just means games that take a very long time to complete just don't fit in my tight schedule anymore. In short: It's an epic adventure with a lacking combat system.

edit: I've just completed the gamer after nearly 7 and a half months. It's a pretty good game and I'm looking forward to playing Witcher 2 in the future. I would probably give Witcher 1 a rating of 82%.

20 - Brink - 63%
I only got this one because many guys at my workplace were hyped to play a tactical shooter together. I got it in a 3-for-1 package so I only paid about 15 euros. It it wasn't even worth that. According to steam I spent only 8 hours on it. I really tried to like it, but the lack of any sort of atmosphere, the bugs and the lack of content just sucked every bit of fun out of it.

19 - FEAR 3 - 64%
The FEAR-series was never so much horror as it was a tactical FPS to me. And FEAR3 was actually not that bad once I had foudn out how to properly set the graphics options to NOT BLUR. Its biggest problem is its imbalance in the amoutn of hit points big enemies can take, and the amount of ammunition you collect. I came to a point where I had to fight a mech-boss. I tried around 20 times but I didn't manage to beat it with the low amount of ammunition I have. It frustrated me and I don't plan to return to the game anytime soon.

18 - Project IGI - 77%
I've always been a fan of stealth-gameplay and I was fond of the demo mission of Project IGI when I had first played it. It's a good game but the crippling save system make it harder than it should be, therefore not as much fun as it could be.

17 - Homefront - 81%
It's decent for a Call of Duty-clone with a touch of Half-Life 2. Gameplay, graphics and atmosphere/story are solid. Unfortunately its neither as bombastic as CoD nor offers as much variation in terms of gameplay as HL2. Also its campaign is too short.

16 - RAGE - 81%
This game suffered heavily from technical issues. Not so much from the occasional crash but more the texture loading which took about 1-2 to load whenever your character faced another direction. The campaign tries to emulate some sort of Open-World FPS but falls short because there is just so little to do besides the primary missions. Also the storyline is pretty forgettable ... well, actually not 100%ly... the ending is probably the most dissapointing I've ever experienced in a video game... But why 81%? It just works so well as a FPS: The gameplay mechanics are solid, the atmosphere is nice (close to Fallout), there is a nice mix between shooting and driving.

15 - GTA 4: Episodes from Liberty City - 82%
This is what GTA 4 should have been. Fun, bug-free and with a big variety in mission design. The rest is just typical GTA (in a good way). Open-world with the best mix of driving, shooting and minigaming.

14 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 - 83%
I used to be more of a soccer fan when I was younger, now I find it boring. A friend of mine suggested we played a couple of games and I was instantly hooked, trying to get better and better. In the beginning I was losing like 0-12, and now from time to time I can even beat him.

13 - XIII - 83%
Very old schoolish level design, away from the scripted CoDs of today's world. Also the storyline is very nice. I'm not a big fan of cel shading but here it fit nicely.

12 - Dragon Age 2 - 83%
The biggest letdown of the past year is still a decent game. The predecessor is superior in virtually every way but DA2 can hold it's on against most other RPGs. It's still big, with a nice storyline and interesting characters.

11 - Limbo - 84%
A black and white jump and run game with physics riddles. It loses atmosphere points towards the end and its storyline isn't revealing enough, but then again ...  oh, wait I'm not going to spoil anyone. The storyline is fine ;)

10 - Assassin's Creed Revelations - 85%
When was Brotherhood released again to PC gamers? In February? I love the Assassin's Creed series. It one of the few franchises that keeps me wanting more and more but one can feel that Revelations is a bit of a drag. It's great in everywhere that made the previous ACs great (fun, epic, detailed storyline) but its release was probably too early. I hope the next installment brings more new stuff to the series.

09 - Dead Space 2 - 85%
More action-oriented and less subtle than the DS1 but it builds on that. The level art has more variation, the weapons are a bit more fun and you can finally "fly" in space. Only the last level sucked a little because I had to tune down the difficulty to beat it.

08 - Lost Horizon - 85%
It fells like a new Indiana Jones adventure. It has the likeable characters, the visuals and the Hunt-for-ancient-artifacts-to-prevent-the-Nazis-from-taking-over-the-world-story. its riddles are balanced so beginners can complete them while professionals still have a sense of accomplishment. Overall, a fun game.

07 - Call of Duty: Black Ops - 86%
In the beginning I was getting a headache while playing this, because it had a choppy framerate. by the time it was fixed I had missed a large potion of the interesting Cold-War-storyline. The rest of the game is as good (or as bad, however you take it) as any modern Modern Warfare. I plan on replaying it before Black Ops 2 is released (which hasn't been officially announced yet).

06 - World of WarCraft: Cataclysm - 87%
I'm a Blizzard fanboy but I've never been as much into WoW as any other Blizzard game. The whole "raid starts at 7pm"-thing just wasn'tfor me. I want to play games when I feel like to. Nontheless, leveling a Gobling from 1 to 71 was fun. The new/revamped zones are nice and give you a sense of being the hero and not just another soulless merc. I'm looking forward to the time when I'll play levels 72 to 85. Oh, and Mists of Pandaria? Please fuck you. I don't want any Pandas in my Warcraft.

05 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - 87%
The best AC to date in my opinion. It has all the strengths of AC2 plus a multiplayer mode, pretty unique in its way.

04 - Bulletstorm - 88%
This game was PURE FUN. It's not like any other FPS but only if you want to. You can kill enemies in so many fun ways and everything is so over the top. The kills, the charactrs, the missions. Play this game if you feel like controlling a T-Rex. I can't wait for Bulletstorm 2!

03 - Crysis 2 - 89%
It feels like a playable Michael Bay-movie and for game this is pretty good. There's nothing quite like it when you see buildings in New York collapse the way do here (Please no 9/11 comments). It's a bit sad that it's not as open-spaced and as tachtical as Crysis 1 was but in my opinion the scripting makes up for it. It's an excellent cross between Call of Duty and Crysis 1.

02 - Portal 2 - 91%
Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles. Why doesn't every game have them. Combined with physics they are so much fun, the Portal-series proves it. Portal 2 adds funny characters, nice plot twists and the most satisfying ending to game of 2011 (take that RAGE!). Fluid portals are so much fun!

01 - Batman: Arkham City - 92%
I loved Archam Asylum for its variation in game design, its take in characters of the Batman universe and the claustrophobic atmosphere. Arkham City traded that atmosphere for a semi-open-world space, and (to quote the joker) it didn't dissapoint. There is no other way to feel more like being Batman than in this game. Flying from house to house, picking off goons. And then there is the Freeflow Combat-System. I've played through Arkham Asylum two times and I never really understood how it worked until I tried the Challenges. I've spent more than a week, day in, day out, trying to get perfect scores and all the achievements. The best game of 2011.


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