11 April 2012

Worked on SotX: Chapter 3

Two weeks ago I continued working on my StarCraft 2 campaign. I developed some features and finished an early playable alpha-version. In its current state the map has the following features to offer:

- A cross between Tug-Of-War- and typical Scenarion-gameplay on a space platform. Remember the SC2 campaign mission where you got to control only Tosh and the armies were controlled by the AI? My map is going to be something similar.
- As the previous maps this one can be played solo or with a friend. In Singleplayer mode the player will control two heroes. In Co-op-mode each hero will be controlled by one player. I know this system is different from what people are used to, because it feels like I'm taking away things instead of offering more. Once I finished all maps I might have to revamp everything. We'll see...
- The heroes are granted experience points and money with each kill. Experience grant levels that allow the heroes to learn new abilities, upgrade previous abilities and also learn Ultimate spells.
- Each hero has six inventory slots. He can buy items from stores.

Its strange to see that the most popular mod-type in WC3/SC2 is actually the quickest to make. I really only needed a handful of features to make it work, unlike all my previous maps where I had to add more and more content and features to make the maps fun. But its fair to say that, due to personal time constraints and the fact that this map has only two heroes this map will a) be shorter than my previous maps and b) offer little replay value compared to typical Tug-Of-War-maps like AoS or DotA.

I will not show you any screenshots because there isn't any eye-candy done yet. This will be done last. For when I get the time to continue on the map my To-Do-List looks as follows:

1. Design interesting areas to fight. Players should feel clever when completing an area.
2. Add secondary objectives and optimize level design.
3. Add AI triggers. Currently they only spawn attack waves but they don't really capture any bases.
4. Balance "cleverness" vs brute force, balance everything.
5. Create interesting level art, audio and cinematics.

There is still a lot to be done and I don't think I will be able to continue working on it until summer. I just wanted to let you know that the project is definitely not dead. It just takes longer than usual.


  1. Let me quote Daniel Bryan:
    YES! \ö/
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    YES!!!! \ö/

  2. A wrestling fan according to my liking :)