Video walkthroughs of Lord of the Clans and The Last Guardian

A YouTube user named Alphcarus has uploaded a complete video walkthrouh of my WarCraft 3 campaign Lord of the Clans. You can watch it here.

There is also a walkthrough of The Last Guardian in progess. So check out it out here.

Hopefully Alphcarus will complete the series on TLG and also do videos on Day of the Dragon some day.


  1. in chapter 6 i cant use portal how to use the portal??

  2. Left-click on the ability and then use it on a blighted region. Then do it again at a different blgihted region. You can now use the portals to teleport between the two spots.

  3. I am not good at Eng, but I realy like this campain. I have played Lotc & TdoD before. I tried so hard to play them T.T

    I play TLG v.1.01 and I have a problem with statue combat. I have won 4 statues just by rule 1 (LL>RR>UU>DD) and my luck. I don't know why I can't use the magic which is combined by 2 arrow keys. EX: when I press UR or UL, UD, it usually show UU; LL for LU, LR, LD... So, I can't use rule 2, 3, 4 (LR>RL>LU>UL>LD>DL>RU>RD>UR>DR).

    Someone helps me, plz ToT


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