21 December 2012

Worked on SotX: Chapter 3

Over the past week I made some time to continue work on the third chapter of my StarCraft 2 campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga. The map is now fully playable from start to finish. There are objectives, transmissions, tooltips and working AI waves accompanied by an enemy hero.

Still, a lot of testing and fixing ha to be done before I can add additional difficulty levels, terrain art, music, sound effects and cinematics. Effectively this should not take me more than three weeks, but I am now on another extended break from mapping to focus on university studies.

15 December 2012

Maya video for University

No, this is not December 21st related...

Over the past couple of weeks me and a couple of other guys learned to use Autodesk Maya and created video showcasing some of the physics of Maya. It was made for a project at my university.