27 September 2013

Chapter 3 finished

Guess what? Chapter 3 is ready for public testing. It's currently up on EU servers with the name "Shadow of the Xel'Naga III".It will stay there for about a week.

* Chapter 3 of the canonical storyline, based on the Starcraft book "Shadow of the Xel'Naga"
* Playable in singleplayer or two-player co-operative mode
* Tug-of-War-style of map with two levelable heroes, (new) upgradeable skills and item-shops



Q: What is this about?

A: It's my attempt to recreate the storyline of the book Shadow of the Xel'Naga. I combine my affinity for interesting gameplay mechanics with solid storyline which happens to be canon to the Starcraft universe. Check out my signature for my past work on Warcraft book-to-campaign-projects. Each map in the campaign has a unique gameplay idea, much more than Wings of Liberty or Heart of the Swarm, but not too much as not to alienate people.

Q: Chapter 3? Where's 1 and 2?

A: Chapter 1 and 2 had extensive testing a long time ago and won't be accessable until all 7 maps are finished. I'm not a fan of the episodical release format and one never knows when the next episode is actually going to be released. Holding back all maps will also help me polish them in the end.

Q: Why is this taking so long?

I'm studying and I don't have te time I used to. Sometimes I don't open the Editor for half a year or more. Everytime so much time has passed the editor feels all new and due to the complexity of the Editor (compared to the Warcraft 3 editor) it all takes much more time to get used to. I cannot give any ETA on chapters 4-7; they may take many years to make; but my passion for mapping has always been enough to finish any campaign I have ever started.

Q: What's so special about this map?

Chapter 3 is a lot like the Breakout mission from WoL (where you controlled only Tosh), but adds Tug-of-War-typical gameplay elements like levelable heroes and skills, and items. The gameplay is a lot more action-oriented than previous maps in the campaign. I also have a passion about making the experience as smooth, clean, bug-free and user-friendly as possible. My aim is to make it feel like it's a Blizzard-map and not just another custom map.

Q: So what do you need from me now?

Testing has been going very well so far. The map is a bit smaller than the previous maps in the campaign. I also have a lot more experience. But I have yet to test the 2-player-cooperative mode. If you have a friend who's interested then tell him to play with you. Bear in mind: Some two-player-features need testing (Loading Heroes as Cargo into the other player's ship). Two-player-mode may not work at all. I need to know. You can write your feedback in this thread or leave it directly on Battle.net as a map review.

25 September 2013

Shadow of the Xel'Naga: Chapter 3 - first teaser

Chapter 3 of my StarCraft 2 campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga is almost finished. The only thing missing is the Victory cinematic along with some bugfixes. I really hope to be done by the end of the month, as I'll start my university internship on October 2nd.

Here's a teaser showing the overview of the map.

(Click to enlarge)

I'll post reals screenshots along with detailed gameplay information once the map is finished. I haven't decided on how to approach public testing yet.

Chapter 4 is probably going to be a Tower Defense map. But no ETA on that one. Chapter 3 took almost two years to make, due to personal time constraints.

18 September 2013

Lord of the Clans Update 1.03

I've updated my first Warcraft 3 campaign Lord of the Clans. You can get it from The Hiveworkshop.

Highlights of the update are:

Less watching, more playing!
- New skill Rage makes Thrall a more effective warrior
- Removed annoying, slowing enemies
- Removed arrow keys-control in minigames
- Added temporary skills for the elements quests

- Increased stats for Thrall
- Removed enemies and replaced many enemies
- Added new Ultimate skill for the endfight
- Final boss better balanced and more active
- Removed time-requirements for many quests
- Added more items
- Balanced the infamous Pigs quest
- Thrall keeps experience and items

- Fixed timings for cinematic dialogue
- Removed/Changed some boring scenes
- Numerous bug and spelling fixes

Ful changelog:

Update 1.03: 153 fixes

Multiple maps - 11
- Fixed the player name
- Added map victory cheat "-winmap" (cinematics and item-handling may become bugged)
- Added a new spell named Rage. Rage works like Bloodlust but is a levelable hero skill
- Replaced Thrall's Evasion with Rage
- Increased Grunt Thrall's starting mana from 50 to 100
- Increased Grunt Thrall's intelligence from 14 to 17
- Increased Grunt Thrall's mana regeneration from 0.66 to 0.80 per second
- Thrall will keep his items and experience from previous chapters
- Baby cloth no longer drops on death
- Fixed numerous typos and translation issues
- Floating texts will be destroyed properly

Prologue - 6
- Improved terrain in the raven flight scene
- Removed the traveling scene to the outside fire camp
- Fixed the timings for some transmissions
- Removed some transmissions
- Increased field of view for Doomhammer cameras
- Removed a stone

Chapter 1 - 11
- Renamed player Durnholde to Guards
- Defeat now working properly
- Thrall now starts with Storm Bolt instead of Evasion
- Increased Thrall's starting hit points from 250 to 400
- Removed some enemies units
- Decreased the target aquisition range for a footman
- More enemy units will drop Runes of Mana or Healing
- Increased number of switches that need to be activated for the Gate to open from 1 to 5
- Game will no longer pause for any pressed switch but the last
- Player will no longer lose control of the Dog if it tries to get out of the city; It will just move back a bit
- Not killing innocents is now a proper defeat condition

Chapter 2 - 17
- Renamed player Camp-Soldiers to Guards
- Renamed from 'Wrong Time...' to 'Lethargy of the Orcs'
- Removed/replaced all Mud Golems
- Added a Fountain of Mana to the Kobold camp
- Food now heals life and mana
- Smoothed the terrain in the capture scene
- Removed some human enemies
- Repositioned some trolls
- Removed some trolls for the Volbir and Bolvir quest
- Reduced the necessary amount of lumber for the Volbir and Bolvir quest from 16 to 12
- Removed the Lumber Leaderboard for the Volbir and Bolvir quest
- Speaking to the unfriendly orc is now mandatory before speaking to Kelgar
- Added exclamation marks to the unfriendly orc and Kelgar
- Removed and repositioned some Kobolds
- Added a Rune of Healing to a Kobold
- Increased some camera times in theVolbir and Bolvir cinematics
- Disabled sleeping for all creeps

Chapter 3 - 8
- Reduced life of Rock Chunks
- Transmission at the grain farm will only appear once
- Removed transmission at the slums
- Removed some enemy units
- Repositioned a Food quest item
- Added a blockade to the northern parts of the village
- Not killing innocent people is now a defeat condition
- Horses and dogs are no longer citizens

Interludium - 1
- Renamed from 'A Hell's Scream' to 'Hellscream'

Chapter 4 - 20
- Fixed the timing for some cinematic transmissions
- Repositioned Raiders at the start of the Raider vs Gnolls quest
- Destroying one Rock Chunk will destroy all Rock Chunks at the start of the Raider vs Gnolls quest
- Raiders will now attack the proper Rock Chunks in the Raider vs Gnolls outro
- Reduced life of Rock Chunks in the the Raider vs Gnolls outro
- Removed some Towers and Ogres at the Ogres/Pacman quest
- Removed some enemy creeps
- Increased pathing space at the Ogres/Pacman quest
- Removed keyboard controls for the Pacman quest
- Reduced Base Damage of Ogre Maulers in Pacman quest from 200 to 100
- Replaced all Runes of Healing with Runes of Speed in Pacman quest
- Removed the Pacman music
- Item Lord of the Alliance is no longer marked as usable
- Camera will no longer change at the Pigs quest
- Reduced time for Pigs quest from 3 minutes to 2,5 minutes
- Reduced random movement speed for pigs in Pigs quest by 20
- Increased time between pig spawns in Pigs quest from 15/10/8 to 20/15/13
- Added blocking terrain at the Pigs quest
- Trap damage in the Book quest reduced from 200 to 125
- Changed hint at the Pigs quest to tell player to stay close to the hay

Chapter 5 - 20
- Added ability Feral Spirit to Thrall during the Wild quest
- Changed terrain of the Wild quest so Feral Spirits can attack the Deer
- Removed Blink from Thrall in the Wild quest
- Removed ranged attack from Thrall in the Wild quest
- Removed the timer in the Wild quest
- Removed keyboard controls for the Water quest
- Added ability Blink to Thrall in the Earth quest
- Removed the timer in the Earth quest
- Added ability Immolation to Thrall in the Fire quest
- Removed two Firebeetles
- Replaced Hellfires with Skeleton Archers
- Increased pathing space at the Fire quest
- Removed the timer in the Air quest
- Removed some hippogryphs and towers in the Air quest
- Increased time period between hippogryph movement from 3/4/5 to 4/5/6
- Earthkeys leaderboard is now properly destroyed
- Added a Rune of Mana in the Fire quest
- Cinematic mode will deactivate when intro is skipped
- Thrall's life and mana will be set to 100% before each element quest
- Thrall can use all of his skills in the endfight

Chapter 6 - 14
- Increased maximum level for Thrall and Hellscream from 7 to 8
- Renamed quest 'The Orc's Rescue' to'the Internment camp'
- Rescuing the orcs is now a seperate optional quest
- Can no longer fail the mission by death of a fleeing orc
- Attack-move order for Hellscream and Doomhammer now much closer to home base
- Increased Hellscream starting level from 4 to 7
- Freeing Grunts/Peons will replace them with normal Grunts/Peons
- Mana of Thrall and Hellscream set to 100% before Langstom appears
- Level of Langstom decreased from 10 to 8
- Removed Divine Shield from Langston
- Increased level of Holy Light for Langstom from 1 to 2
- Repositioned a Camp guard
- Increased time between displaying starting quests and hints
- Ankhs of Reincarnation carried by Thrall or Hellscream will be removed at the end of the level

Chapter 7 - 17
- Destroying one Rock Chunk will destroy all Rock Chunks
- Added exclamation mark to and shared vision with Zeppelin
- Increased amount of gold in Gold Mine from 12500 to 25000
- Added a Fountain of Healing
- Added a Leaderboard for the Towers built in the Reinforcements quest
- Removed leaderboard for destroyed enemy main buildings
- Reinforcements message will be played when Zeppelin is found, if it hasn't already
- Reduced amount of enemy Gryphons attacking from 3/6/9 to 2/4/6
- Increased maximum level for Thrall and Hellscream from 8 to 9
- Removed some Towers from enemy bases
- Increased pathing space at Reinforcements ramp
- Reinforcements ramp can be reached on foot
- Can no longer lose Reinforcements quest
- Placed Dog near Taretha's cave
- Removed Rifleman at Reinforcement cliffs
- Removed a scene in the Zeppelin cinematic
- Added destructible Rock Chunbks to the Reinforcement cliffs

Chapter 8 - 26
- Thrall's maximum level increased from 9 to 10
- Thrall's experience gain now always at 100%
- Added Evasion as an ultimate spell for Thrall
- Decreased maximum life of Iron Gates to 50
- Brood Mother now drops a Rune of Restoration instead of a Greater Rune of Healing
- Removed several spiders and bandits
- Removed items from Aedelas Blackmoore
- Decreased Aedelas' damage sides per die from 6 to 5
- Increased Aedelas' attack cooldown from 2.2 to 2.6
- Increased Aedelas' intelligence per level from 0.8 to 1.6
- Increased Aedelas' life regeneration rate from 0.25 to 1.0
- Removed healing water
- Life and Mana of Thrall set to 100% before endfight
- More Runes of Healing spawned in endfight
- Reduced size of fire regions in endfight
- Runes will glow before their fire region is activated
- Reduced item spawn time during Endfight from 5 to 3 seconds
- Blackmoore will now try to take spawned items
- Mechanical sheep will now move towards opened gate when switch is pressed
- Added an Enforcer
- Added a Rune of Healing
- Increased time between Blue Flame Trap spawns from 1.75 to 4/3/2 seconds
- Removed Orb of Lightning in the endfight
- Removed cinematic scene with a Flesh Golem
- Fixed the bottom right switch not triggering properly
- Changed player name Aedelas Blackmoore to Lord of Durnholde

Epilogue - 4
- Thrall is now clearing stating what item he is giving to Hellscream
- Merged all map creation credits
- Replaced all non-orcs appearing in the credits with versions of Thrall
- Added World of Warcraft to Music credits