New blog design, new portfolio

As you may or may not have realized, I have changed the theme for this blog to be more gamer friendly while still keeping some professionalism. The old one was very bright and very out of date in terms of usability. For example you had to scroll very far if you wanted to skip a news item. Now you can just click on the ones you are interested in. Also the sidebar to the right features buttons for popular topics, tags and the news archive. I removed the screenshot slideshow and added a main slideshow to the top of the main site. It features links to my main projects.

You should definitely check out my new portfolio site! I have added a lot of content for each project. It's all still in development, so you will see some broken images and styles. I'm also working on the date stamp for each news post.


  1. Quite impressive. Seen and played most of it before, but still good that you are going strong.

  2. Thanks. Still working on a TLG patch by the way.

  3. Spiffy blog design! ;)
    I have to create a new banner for my link section, though.


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