12 February 2014

Continuing work on SotX Chapter 4

I finished my exams for this semester a week ago, and I am making some time to get Chapter 4 as far as possible, before I need to pause it again in mid-March.

The map consists of 5 small areas that have to be defended with towers from enemy waves. Each area is unique in terms of layout, enemy unit types and towers that should be built. Players will have some time before each wave to train workers that gather resources, research new types of towers, set them up or scout the surrounding area for more resources.

So far I have finished the first of the 5 areas, with the second nearly finished as well. The good thing is that most triggers are reused for each area, so I only have to adjust them for the enemy unit types and towers that are built.

Still, a lot of time will go into finetuning an area. Each area should offer unique challenges, and both heroes should built as different towers from one another as possible, while remaining useful at anytime.

I still haven't figured out how (or if) to implement any optional objectives. I would like them to be completely between the visits of each area but I have a hard time figuring out how to make the towers useable offensively.

I hope to finish with the core gameplay of each area by mid-March. After that I'll only have to create cinematics, terrain, additional difficulty levels and finetuning.

Screenshots will most likely be posted when terrain is finished.


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