09 March 2014

The Last Guardian 1.03

Models, skins and icons - 16
- Khadgar: new hair, staff, heroglow, dissipate animation and removed eye glow of portrait model
- Garona: new face tatoo, hair, heroglow and changed angle of portrait model
- Medivh: added classic staff, modified texture, new icon
- Llane: changed hair color to dark red and added new hero icon
- Knight: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Riderless Horse: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Farm: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Blacksmith: new model based on WarCraft 1, new icon
- Barracks: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Grunt: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Warlock: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Watch Tower: new model based on WarCraft 2
- Lothar: new hero icon
- Banner Doodad0.blp: Changed texture to show Stormwind lion
- Fixed shading/fogging on ElveswoodDP tree models
- Removed redundant/unused imports

Miscellaneous art - 2
- New victory screen image
- New victory screen and hero icons for Khadgar, Lothar, Medivh, Garona and Llane

Sound - 2
- Added empty sounds in hero soundsets for Khadgar and Garona
- Removed some interface sounds (Allied Under Attack, Allied Base Under Attack, and more)

Multiple maps - 14
- Added cheat "-camera" to turn fixed camera settings on or off
- Heroes will move directly to allied units and no longer stop short of triggering a dialogue
- Removed titles (e.g. "Prologue") from cinematics Loading Screens
- Removed several NPC hero units at map end so they don't appear at the scorescreen
- Reorganized chest triggers so players can no longer cheat by jerking the arrow keys
- Chests will no longer spawn unnecessary duplicated items
- Message "that was wrong" will be skipped when all attempts at lockpicking are wrong
- Fixed a sound problem with a Chest
- Grammar/spelling/typo fixes
- Fixed hero abilities level skip
- Fixed a bug that created Alchemy Learn items in the center of the map
- Wraiths no longer have the Curse ability
- Most items will no longer cancel speed buffs
- Removed cooldown of all trigger items

Chapter 1 - 8
- Removed one set of runes at the Waygate riddle
- Game is no longer paused for the Chest hint. Instead Khadgar is ordered to stop
- Spirit item can be aquired without meeting the Dead Woman
- Khadgar's life nad mana will be replenished when the Ritual starts
- Renamed "Wizard of OS4" to "Wizard of iOS"
- Exclamation mark will now properly appear on Renegade Wizard
- The triggers to activate the Gargoyles are now initially turned off until all pages are returned to the Wizard
- Gargoyles can no longer be activated/healed multiple times

Chapter 2 - 1
- Dialogue during Medivh's interviews skippable

Chapter 3 - 5
- Chapter 4 now enabled in Chapter 3, instead of Interlude
- Khadgar now faces Lothar when being questioned by him
- Changed color of Dead Warriors to Blue (Footmen), Teal (Knights), Purple (Warlocks) and Red (Grunts)
- Dialogue during Lothar's interviews skippable
- Fixed a bug which caused Khadgar to lose his Haste ability when it was level 3 and he put on the Grunt disguise

Chapter 4 - 2
- Removed the minimap ping for the Resurrection spot
- Added a minimap ping to Lothar's location

Interlude - 1
- Changed title from "Interludium" to "Interlude" in campaign menu

Chapter 4 - 2
- Blacksmith slightly rotated
- Added Wander ability to some citizens

Chapter 5 - 3
- Fixed camera at map start
- Dialogue in Garona Interview can now be skipped
- Set mana of Garona and Khadgar to 100% after the Library fight

Chapter 6 - 4
- Picking up an Imbued Vial or Ethereal Oil with Garona will result in moving the item

instantly to Khadgar
- Fixed a bug that set Flame Strike to level 1
- Fixed a bug the caused the Troll dialogue to be triggered by NPCs
- Properly destroyed floating text

Chapter 7 - 4
- Removed a Tome of Greater Experience
- Added item descriptions to Cactus Flower and Spirit Drink to refer to one another
- Changed the Spanner model to a chest
- Khadgar will stop when using the Chapel Guide

Epilogue - 1
- Added loktar to credits


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