19 April 2014

Status of SotX04

Just wanted to say that I paused work on Chapter 4 about 5 weeks ago, and the break will most likely continue until at least mid-July.

Chapter 4 has gameplay elements of Tower Defense maps. The map had previously consisted of multiple areas. Each area is unique in terms of layout, enemy unit types, and towers that should be built. Previously I had planned 5 areas with 6 waves per area. Due to the repetitive gameplay, I reduced the number of areas from 5 to 4 and the waves from 6 to 5. This also allows me to make each area more unique. For example, area 1 has melee enemies, like Zerglings and Broodlings while area 2 has only air units like the Mutalisk and the Guardian from StarCraft 1. Players have to adjust their tactics accordingly.

3 of 4 areas are almost finished, and only some balancing remains for these areas. Once I have finished area 4, I will work on the various difficulty levels, terrain art, cinematics, and finetuning. If I can really continue work by mid-July and keep going for some time, the map should be finished within the summer.


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