First pictures of Chapter 4

I don't like posting screenshots from the editor, especially not work-in-progress-stuff, but with the recent surge of campaign presentations on, I thought "what the heck". So here are some random pics of Chapter 4. I'll not go into details about the gameplay (it's a Tower Defense map), but instead i want to discuss some screenshots I attached. Keep in mind, the terrain you see is work-in-progress, so you will certainly see some areas which can be improved (a lot). That being said, I am open to any sort of criticism (except those that hurt my feelings :P).
In contrast to some other fellow mappers I choose the design approach of making the gameplay first, and applying any terrain beautifications later. This makes for a less organic terrain, but allows me to iterate the gameplay to the fullest extend. And then, even the terrain is supposed to support the gameplay more than the art. For example, most of my maps are divided into sections. Each section should have its own style and visual appearance. I might use textures or doodads unique to that section. Dividing the terrain visually in sections helps the player maintain a clear view of the battlefield, even on larger maps.

Well, that's all for now. Didn't want this to become a tutorial or something like that.

Chapter 4 is completely playable now. All difficulty levels have been implemented and a lot of finetuning has been done along with about 50% of the terrain art. What remains now is to finish the cinematics, the terrain and tweak the gameplay as I go. But I am on a break until at least mid-July. Once I have picked up mapping again, the map should not take more than 2 weeks to be completed.

I've also tested some features for Chapter 5 (of 7). It's going to be a stealth map.

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