Update on Shadow of the Xel'Naga

Good news! I finished Chapter 4 about 7 weeks ago. Terrain and cinematics are finished, gameplay is tweaked. Like all the previous chapters this map is still being held back until Chapters 5-7 are finished. In the end I'll still have to make some improvements to all old maps, and sadly I haven't had time to test co-op properly or do enough testing with other people on some maps. This is  something I'll do once all maps have been completed.

But it's not just Chapter 4, Chapter 5 is also nearly finished! I've spent a lot of time working on a stealth system that works similar to the old Commandos/Desperados games. Enemies have a range of sight and players can sneak up behind them to stun them.

I've spent a lot of time working on the AI system, but once I had that nailed down the rest of the map was made pretty quickly.

Current features of Chapter 5:
- Slow and tactical approach that rewards stealth. No combat
- Finished gameplay and objectives
- Realistic range of sight. Enemies will only react to player units in front of them
- Different alert levels to determine how enemies will react to player units. Green: Normal behavior. Yellow: Investigating. Red: In pursuit
- Different types enemies with that differ in range of sight, patrol the area, or rotate to search for enemies
- Switching between Running or Walking. Running is faster, but creates noise which alerts nearby enemies
- Many abilities that can stun or distract enemies for some time

To-do-List for Chapter 5:
- Terrain
- Cinematics
- Balancing of the four difficulty levels
- Testing of co-op gameplay
- Further tweaking

Because of studies I need to take another long break. I think once I pick up mapping again, this map will be completed in less than two weeks. In the meantime here's a random picdump:
A Marine was stunned by a player which is spotted by the Missile Turret. It will alert the Marine to the north in a few seconds.

A Ghost just spotted a player unit come unit of the bushes. Turrets rotate to search for player units.

The Turret was disabled permanently. A stunned Marine was spotted.

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